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About Ebony Craft
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Founded in 2012, Ebony Craft has become one of the leading on-line supply stores for a large selection of lace, trims and other craft supplies. David, who develops some of the products, offers his expertise and over 40 years of knowledge in the craft and sewing industry. This ensures all products sold by Ebony Craft are of the highest quality available.


Here at Ebony Craft, we’re an Australian manufacturer and importer, and pride ourselves on our diversity of products. Throughout the years we have worked on delivering more and more products on-line in our catalogue to ensure any sewing enthusiast’s needs are met. Our catalogue of products includes, but aren’t limited to:

Bias Binding, Fabric, Elastic, Ribbon, Haberdashery, Lace, Special Trims, Charms, Bridal, + so much more!

We take pride in delivering reasonable prices to our valued clients while ensuring the quality is second to none.


Our mission is to empower the craft lovers of Australia and the world to take their passion and do something amazing with their skills.

We also make sure that craft lovers have a place to buy their products online in a friendly and caring atmosphere. We want you to love craft as much as we do.



Customers want to know about each other and how your product helps them, especially if you serve a more technical market. And never underestimate the power of a great story.

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