120 Rasant Thread 1000mt

Rasant Thread

Rasant is one of the world’s best known and most popular brands of sewing thread. Renowned for its consistency, durability and tensile strength. As a cotton covered polyester core, it has the look and feel of traditional cotton thread with the flexibility of a blended fibre. It is especially beloved by machine quilters, as it works well in a variety of different projects and applications. Rasant thread is incredibly convenient to work with as it breaks less often when using a long arm machine.

There are over 280 different colours available – we carry a specially selected range of the most versatile shades – on 1000m spools. We have individually photographed each shade we carry, so you can get a better idea of what it looks like as a real product, as opposed to just off the colour chart. 

PLEASE CLICK on the colour category to see all the shades in each colour.

Black & White Rasant Thread
Neutral Rasant Thread
Grey Rasant Thread
Blue Rasant Thread
Pink Rasant Thread
Purple Rasant Thread
Yellow Rasant Thread
Orange Rasant Thread
Red Rasant Thread
Brown Rasant Thread
Green Rasant Thread

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