Organza Ribbon

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While organza ribbon is a little “off the beaten track” when it comes to common ribbons and fabrics, organza is an extremely delicate fabric that can add a beautiful finishing touch to any garment or DIY project. It can also breathe new life into plainer articles of clothing or crafts projects, with its sheer and subtle qualities.

Traditionally made of silk, organza is typically associated with “classy” and “elegant” garments, like wedding gowns and evening attire. However, organza ribbons can also be made from polyester, nylon and numerous other materials. These varieties tend to be more durable against exposure to sun, dye, and shrinking or creasing.

With a strong manufacturing foothold in places right across the globe, from China and India to France and Italy, the influence of organza fabric is clearly prominent in weaving, sewing, and crafts in general.


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16mm Organza Ribbon
22mm Organza Ribbon
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