Grosgrain Ribbon

Quality Grosgrain Ribbon in Every Width, Colour & Style

Our huge selection of premium grosgrain ribbon is perfect for when you feel like trying something a little different with your next project.

With its vertical raised fine ribbing pattern, neatly woven edges and sleek matte finish; grosgrain ribbon is slightly firmer than satin ribbon. This makes it ideal for fancy hair clips and headbands, gift bows that require a little more stabilising, and countless other applications.

Looking back through the ages, grosgrain is one of the longest surviving types of fabric in history. As a fabric, it has been prominent in women’s clothing since the 1600s, but as a ribbon, these days we most commonly see it on the hems of polo shirts, underwear and other elasticised components of garments.

One of grosgrain ribbon’s standout attributes is the fact that it is a strong yet compact material, which makes it phenomenal for internal reinforcing and twill tape that is hidden away inside the garment, and not seen externally.

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