Ebony Craft is Your #1 Destination for Wholesale Ribbon Australia-wide

Ribbon has been prominent in many cultures for centuries, enduring the Middle Ages and being associated with wealth and prosperity long before it was adopted by the fashion world.

These days, a healthy supply of ribbon is an essential component of any D.I.Y. garment-maker’s craft supplies. The same goes for upholsterers and general arts and crafts-lovers! That’s why Ebony Craft is vigilant about stocking ribbon of all widths, materials, colours and patterns.

From satin and grosgrain ribbon to organza, metallic, gingham and printed ribbon, you will find yourself spoilt for choice with the selection below.


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Satin Ribbon
Grosgrain Ribbon
Organza Ribbon
Rainbow Ribbon
Satin Ribbon with Metallic Edge
Metallic Ribbon
Gingham Ribbon
Printed Ribbon
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