Piping & Rouleau

All Your Favourite Upholstery Piping & Rouleau in Australia

When it comes to high quality sewing piping and Rouleau for all your crafting projects in Australia, Ebony Craft has got everything you need and more. Add a little zest and vibrancy to your home décor, by adding upholstery piping to items like box cushions, pillows and other furnishings.

Aside from giving a classic look to accessories and upholstery, you can also use piping sewing to enhance skirts, blouses, shirts, and basically any articles of clothing that you feel would benefit from a little embellishing.

We are always expanding our piping and Rouleau collection to include exciting new items, especially selections that are ideal for dress straps, lacing for the backs of dresses and a whole host of other utilisations.

Make sure you thoroughly browse the category, and contact us if it is missing what you are looking for – we may be able to order it in specially for you. At Ebony Craft, we are passionate about making your shopping experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

Whether you prefer to use cotton, polyester or satin materials, Ebony Craft supplies a diverse range of Rouleau and piping in various patterns, metallic finishes and piping cord or braided cord options for extra elegance.

In addition to all the standard crafting essentials like haberdashery and sewing needles, Ebony Craft also offers a rewards program, and specialist bridal services.


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