Piping & Rouleau

Searching for Piping and Rouleau for Your Crafts Project? Ebony Craft Has Everything you Need and More.

Piping can be used to give a classic look to clothing items as well as upholstery. You can use it on skirts, blouses, and shirts, and pretty much any clothing object where you need a little embellishing. We are always expanding our collection when it comes to Piping and Rouleau for straps on dressies and lacing for the backs of dressies so make sure you thoroughly browse the category and contact us if it is missing what you are looking for.

3mm Cotton Piping

6mm Cotton Piping

3mm Patterned Piping

6mm Patterned Piping

Satin Piping

Metallic Piping

Piping Cord