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It’s no secret that fashion has a tendency to repeat itself over the years, decades and – in the case of eyelet lace – centuries. Just as it was in vogue 500 years ago, eyelet lace is now becoming a staple of fashionable women’s clothing once again.

From DIY craft projects to clothing and upholstery, lace is a crucial component of any craft lover’s supplies kit. As such, it only makes sense that Ebony Craft would stock such an expansive and diverse range of nylon eyelet lace to cater for every colour preference and practical application.

Whether you are looking to decorate your coat hangers or enhance an existing article of clothing, we are confident that you will find the ideal edge eyelet lace to cater for your specific needs, right here in our comprehensive online store.


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L30 Plain Eyelet Lace
L21M Coloured Edge Eyelet Lace (Sparkle)
L21 Coloured Edge Eyelet Lace
L21L Eyelet Lace (Metallic Filament)
Gathered Eyelet Lace
Eyelet Lace
Plastic Tubing
Nylon Knitting Lace
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