All About Bias


   • Bias binding is cut on the 45 degree bias of fabric

   • Used mainly in finishing raw edges of garments and blankets or quilts

   • Comes in a variety of sizes starting from 6mm single fold bias right up to 50mm

   • Handmade onsite in Melbourne


Ebony craft has a huge range of bias binding, or as it is also know, bias tape. We handmake all our bias onsite at our factory in Melbourne, Ringwood with custom made machines. This gives us complete control over the styles we stock as well as the quality and designs.


What is Bias Binding?

Bias binding is a long strip of fabric cut on the bias. The bias is the direction of the fabric that is on a 45 degree angle to the selvedge. When fabric is cut ‘on the bias’, it gives the fabric extra ‘give’ or stretch, allowing it to curve around things like armholes & neckbands on garments meaning you don’t have to line them. Not just for garments, there are 3 different types of bias available, lets look at the most common ones we offer and some of their uses.

Types of Bias Binding

Single Fold Bias: Single fold bias is a strip of fabric with both raw edges folded toward the middle. This is commonly used for finishing the raw edges and seams on garments like arm holes and around necklines. It can be made in a many sizes but 12mm is generally used for seams. 6mm single fold bias binding is also often used in stained glass quilting and decorative sewing.


Double Fold Bias: Double fold bias is single fold bias, but folded in half again. Double fold bias is great for those who make bunting as you don’t have to muck around with raw edges along the tops. Ebony craft also stock an incredible range of double fold bias tapes with intricate picot or crocheted edging, which is the perfect way to finish off your quilting and blanket projects.


Raw Edge or Quilters Bias: Raw edge bias is simply a strip of bias folded in half. This is a popular product for quilters and can be used to fix frayed edges on blankets as well as finish them off.


Handmaking bias tape at home is popular but can be time consuming and does waste fabric due to needing to use the fabric on a 45 degree angle, our onsite processes mean we are able to use the maximum amount of fabric to ensure the least amount of waste.


Ebony craft has a large variety of widths, colours and styles in stock, check our online availability. We can also custom make bulk orders of bias tape, call our customer service to talk about your specific needs.