To make a cute knitted lace Hedgehog, you will be using the technique of knitting eyelet lace in with the wool. 

To make a Knitted Lace Hedgehog you will need:

- 25gm 8 Ply wool. (Double knitting) for body Small amount of contrasting 8 ply wool for nose
- 1.5 metres of Eyelet lace (click HERE to purchased)
- 4mm Knitting needles
- Toy stuffing
- Small scrap of white felt for eyes
- 2 x 14mm black buttons for eyes

How To Knit with Lace:

Start by placing the lace at the back of the knitting. Insert the needle into the first stitch and through the first eyelet hole in the lace. Loop yarn over the needle and complete the stitch. Keeping the tension loose, repeat this procedure to the end of the row and cut the lace (but not the wool).


to keep the lace neat at the row ends, fold the end of the lace over towards you by one hole and do your first knitting stitch through the two holes in the lace together. At the end of the row, trim the lace and turn it under in a similar manner. To join eyelet lace simply overlap each piece by two sets of holes.



To Make Body:

Cast on 16 stitches

1st row knit with lace

2nd row increase in every stitch (32 stitches)

3rd and 4th rows knit

5th row knit 6, knit 20 stitches with lace, knit 6

6th, 7th and 8th row knit

Repeat last 4 rows 4 more times

25th row knit 26th row knit two stitches together across the row to the end (16 stitches)

Next 6 rows Stocking Stitch, starting with a purl row

33rd row knit two together to end (8 stitches)

Cut wool, leaving a long tail for sewing up, and draw the tail through the remaining stitches, tie off with a knot.



Using contrast colour, cast on 3 stitches

1st row purl

2nd row increase in each stitch knit ways (6 stitches)

Work 3 rows stocking stitch, beginning with a purl row

6th row K2 together 3 times (3 stitches)

Cast off, cut wool leaving a 30cm tail.


Ears (Make 2):

Cast on 10 stitches

Knit 3 rows stocking stitch

Cut wool, leaving a tail for sewing, and draw the tail through all ten stitches, tie off with a knot.

This will make a tiny shell shaped ear.


To Make Up:

Stitch centre seam down tummy, stuff with toyfill. Sew a running stitch around opening and pull tight and finish with a knot. Position ears on top of head, in front of frills and sew on.

Run the length of wool around the outer edge of the nose and gather up to make a ball shape, stuff with a tiny amount of toy fill. Stitch firmly to the point of the nose.

Sew on some circles of felt and buttons for eyes. Finish with a stitched mouth.