Knitted Coat Hanger Coat Hanger

To make a knitted lace coat hanger, you will be using the technique of knitting eyelet lace in with the wool. This makes a coat hanger that will help your clothes keep their shape, and they also will not slip off the hanger.

To make a Knitted Lace Coat Hanger you will need:

How To Knit with Lace:

Start by placing the lace at the back of the knitting. Insert the needle into the first stitch and through the first eyelet hole in the lace. Loop yarn over the needle and complete the stitch. Keeping the tension loose, repeat this procedure to the end of the row and cut the lace (but not the wool).


to keep the lace neat at the row ends, fold the end of the lace over towards you by one hole and do your first knitting stitch through the two holes in the lace together. At the end of the row, trim the lace and turn it under in a similar manner. To join eyelet lace simply overlap each piece by two sets of holes.


To Make:

Cast on 66 sts.

1st, 2nd & 3rd Rows - Knit 4th Row.

Lace Row. knit across row knitting into every hole of the lace. Cut off Lace.

5th, 6th & 7th rows Knit.

Repeat 4th to 7th rows 3 more times.

18th row Knit Lace row.

19th, 20th & 21st rows Knit

22nd row Cast off


To Make Up:

Cover the hook with a length of plastic tubing: Make a slit in the end of the tubing, slide it over the wire hook. As you push it down to the bottom of the hook, open the slit tubing to lie along the top of the wooden hanger, and tape it down to the hanger with sticky tape. This will stop the tubing sliding off the hook later on. Trim the tubing to the right size at the open end of the hook.

Cut a long strip of wadding and cover the wooden hanger with it, cutting a small hole for the hook to poke through. Stitch the edges together roughly (this stitching will all be covered later) along the bottom and ends of the hanger.

Place the knitting over the coat hanger and sew the seam along the bottom. To finish, tie a bow around the base of the hook.